– Deborah & Lucas Miranda

Deborah & Lucas Miranda – Wedding date: May 7th, 2010
Location: Crest Hollow Country Club – Woodbury, NY

From the time we first contacted Lion and Lamb production, DJ Marvin responded quickly and was very helpful. For out initial consultation, we had many questions and concerns, which were all addressed. DJ Marvin was ready with a lot of suggestions and tons of music choices to help us narrow down our music choices. We left his home blessed by his service and by a prayer for blessings in our marriage.

The day of the wedding, DJ Marvin and his team were there on time to set up their system and to make sure everything was ready and would play out without a glitch. For the ceremony the music and timing was perfect and for the reception everything went without a problem. The wedding for us went as perfect as possible and for our guests, well according to them, they had an AMAZING time! The music was varied, was upbeat and everyone had a great time!


- Deborah & Lucas Miranda
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